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Why Stain-Resistant Paints Are a Must for Interior Walls?

The paints you use on interior walls are not just supposed to be beautiful and eye-catchy but should also protect walls against regular chores such as dirt, stains, spills and grime and minimise the risk of early chipping or peeling. While undertaking a house painting project, most homeowners pay special attention to the colour tones, textures, wall patterns etc., whereas asking house painters in Melbourne regarding which type of paint to use often goes overlooked. Harsh UV rays, exposure to moisture and pet stains affect the structural integrity of walls causing paint to bubble and crack and people who neglect using stain-resistant paints initially end up hiring interior painting in Melbourne every year. 

Here’s this blog explaining everything you need to know about stain-resistant paints and why it’s a must during interior house painting in Melbourne. Stay glued.

As the name implies, stain-resistant paints refer to the ability to withstand discolouration or damage. In other words, paints that don’t absorb dirt, stains or grime are referred to as stain-resistant paints. Using good quality stain-resistant paints by professional interior painters in Melbourne not only extends the lifespan of your walls but prevents pest infestation, mould growth, leakage, cracks and discolouration and makes your investment worthwhile.

Some Common Culprits Behind Paints Stains

  • Walls painted with low-sheen paint like flat or matte.
  • Paints were applied on a porous surface.
  • Walls weren’t primed by interior home painters in Melbourne during painting.
  • Proper surface prepping wasn’t done at the time of initial paint application.
  • Lack of periodic maintenance by professional Melbourne painters.

Regular Household Chores that Causes Paint Stains

If you have kids or pets at home, you may likely come across stained paint at some point in time. Kids consider walls to be their favourite canvas and use crayons while drawing which leads to early paint discolouration and gives you the trouble of peeling paint. Moreover, paint may also stain when pets pee on walls. In addition to crayons and regular dirt, paint may stain due to some common mishaps which include:

  • Accidental coffee spills
  • Oil or grease on hands 
  • Makeup stains and many more.

On unprimed or painted drywalls, these pesky substances may be hard to eliminate and even if you manage to remove them by hiring professional residential painters in Melbourne, they will leave behind unsightly marks. 

So how do you protect paint from staining?

The easiest way to protect walls from staining is by taking some preventive measures. Ask the professionals offering residential interior painting in Melbourne to apply paints containing in-built primer as this extra layer of protection offers better paint adherence and creates a porous finish that prevents stains from wrecking the health of paint.

Another striking factor that blocks stains is premium paint sheen. Higher the sheen, more durable is the paint. High-quality paint sheen such as semi-gloss and high-gloss applied by interior home painters in Melbourne block stains and is comparatively easier to clean than matte paints. 

So you must have got an idea about the factors behind paint stains and why using stain-resistant paints are a worthwhile investment for high-quality interior painting in Melbourne.

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