The Steps to Comprehensive Roof Restoration by Professionals

Restoration of the roof is a specialist’s job. Hence, you must hire the best professionals who are into offering roof restoration and painting. One big advantage of hiring a reputed roof restoration and painting service provider is that they will come up with the best tactics and follow the best steps to amend the damage that your roof has received, and justify your investment. 

That’s precisely what we at Austar Painting & Decorating would do in Melbourne. Our specialists will follow some extremely methodical steps to ensure that you have the roof of your property renovated, restored, and painted flawlessly. Here on this page, we discuss the steps that our experts would follow. 

Step 1 – Repairs: 

This is the first and foremost step that our experts would follow. Roofs take a lot of beating 24×7, and thus, suffer a lot of damage in the form of cracks and bruises, peeling of paints, and so on. In the case of tiled roofs, the damage comes in the form of broken or cracked tiles. Thus, these tiles are replaced by our professionals at first. In the case of metal roofs, the repair may include re-screwing and replacement of sheets or repair of flashing. 

Step 2 – Pressure Cleaning: 

This is ostensibly the next step taken by our Melbourne roof painters. They would pressure clean the roof thoroughly, taking into account the structure of the roof, and the extent of cleaning that is needed. 

The power of which the pressure cleaner is used is the main factor that makes the difference in cleaning every type of roof, more so the tiles ones, which lose their glaze over time. Once the glaze is gone, the coating beneath the glaze gets oxidised and the tiles become chalky. Thus, pressure washing becomes imperative to remove this chalkiness, along with the dust and dirt.  

Step 3 – Pointing & re-bedding: 

This includes removing the ridge caps and laying the new concrete bed. It also involves the installation of the bedding rails. Once laying of the ridge bed is complete, and the ridge caps are installed on the new cement bed, the bedding is left to dry for the next 24 hours. Once the bed is dry, the pointing is applied. Generally, our roof restoration experts in Melbourne will use a polymer-based flexible pointing mortar as its flexibility helps the roof to retain its integrity. Remember, roofs go through a lot of contraction and relaxation due to temperature extremities. 

Step 4 – Applying the primer: 

Once the re-bedding and pointing phase is done, it is time for roof painting. At first, our roof painting professionals in Melbourne will apply a primer or a sealer.  In the case of tiled roofs, our experts would use concrete sealer or primer, while for the metal roofs, they would use GAL primer.  

Step 5 – Applying filler coating, if needed: 

While painting a tiled roof, the professional would use a filler coat to prepare the surface and smoothen it, more so when it comes to painting the roof for the first time or after a very long time. This will give the tiles a nicer, smoother surface to put the final paints on. 

Step 6 – Applying the paint, finally: 

Once the primer has dried out, it is not time for our professionals to come apply the final paint. They would use airless painting machines to apply the two coats by following an up & done pattern, from the gutter to the ridge and back again to the gutter.  This will help them to avoid leaving joint marks, more so on metal roofs, where the joint marks show up significantly, once the paint dries up. 

Your roof is bound to have some areas like the barge capping, the lead flashings, the dutch gabes that cannot be spray painted. Thus, our experts will use hand painting to paint these areas thoroughly. 

Therefore you see, when you put stakes on a quality company like us that offers roof restoration and painting services in Melbourne, you get the best service from our qualified experts that will add value and life to the roof of your property. To book an appointment and know further about our service, call us at 0438743730