Characteristics of High-quality Roof Paints That Add to Their Eco friendliness

If you are planning to have the roof of your property painted, you need to put maximum emphasis on two factors – the quality of roof paint and the reputation of the roof painter. While it is important to have your roof painted by the best roof painting professionals in your locality, it is also important to have the best roof paints for your roof. The point is that the paint you choose has to be eco-friendly, so much so that it does not cause any health hazards. That is the reason, the best painters would always vouch for those paints. Take, for instance, us, at Austar Painting & Decorating in Melbourne! If you are in the Melbourne area, there is hardly any better name than us, when it comes to roof painting. The reason being, the paint we would use for painting your roof is always eco-friendly. In other words, the paints that we choose would come with a series of characteristics that add to their eco-friendliness. 

They make the roof energy efficient:

Top quality roof paints that come with a high degree of energy efficiency will ricochet the sunray back, instead of absorbing. That is the reason, our highly professional Melbourne roof painters would use these paints. On the other hand, the very high reflectivity of the paints would decrease the use of air-con units, thereby decreasing the CO2 level along with other harmful emissions from being released into the atmosphere, thus reducing the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. 

They are sustainable:

Urban landfills, more so in the big smokes like Melbourne, are often congested.  Thus, when it comes to painting the roof of your property, you need to opt for a sustainable roof paint coating system, which can be renewed after every 10 to 15 years, following the first roof painting by your Melbourne painting and decorating service providers.This will allow you to reduce your roof painting and maintenance cost drastically. 

They have Ultra-Low or zero Low VOCs:

The paints that come with high Volatile Organic Content (VOC) are generally associated with strong and potentially harmful odours that are released in the climate when they are being applied. That is the reason, our professionals offering roof painting services in Melbourne would opt for paints that have zero or almost negligible VOC so that they never pose any health hazards.

These high tech paints are manufactured in the laboratory after extension R&D and hence, are absolutely safe for not only the roof of your property but the environment and health as well. As one of the most vetted roof painting companies in Melbourne, we would always vouch for these paints, rather than those conventional paints. 

They do not contain Lead:

These paints never contain any lead. Thus, being lead-free, they are considered absolutely safe and sound for the painters as well as the inhabitants of the property, the roof of which is being painted. Thus, as professional roof painters in Bayside or elsewhere, we would always vouch for these lead-free paints. 

They are LEED Compliant:

Last but not the least, these paints that our professionals use for roof restoration in Melbourne are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliant. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a green building certification program used worldwide. Thus, this proves that the paints that we use for roof painting have little or no negative effect on the environment. 

Thus you see, when you put stakes on us for roof restoration in Cranbourne or elsewhere near Melbourne, you get the best and the most eco-friendly roof painting service. For further details, call us at 0438743730.