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A new coat of paint will not only brighten up your home but it is also one of the best and cheapest ways to increase the value of your home. At Austar, we offer a wide range of residential interior and exterior painting services designed to improve the look of your home whether you are planning on living in it for the next 20 years or selling within the year. We supply all of the paint required to complete our job. Using the latest in colour matching technology, we help you pick a suitable colour, specifically for the job at hand.

Austar Painting and Decorating is a name you can rely upon for impeccable residential painting at a budgeted price. Whether you want to spruce up an accent wall or transform the entire house with vibrant paint coats, our residential painting experts can fulfil your desire by providing you with flawless paint coats at a fair price. Our unique painting techniques coupled with high-end workmanship and top-notch detailing add character to your walls and make your home inviting.

The reason why we have surpassed major competitors is that we use high-quality durable paints that can prevent leakage, moisture ingress, damp and keep your walls looking great for a lifetime. Moreover, our advanced paints come with cross-linking polymer technology that offers added strength and durability to your walls and makes your investment worthy for a lifetime.

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High-Quality Interior Painting that Makes Your Walls Speak

At Austar Painting, we don’t report to “job sites”. Interior painting projects require our highly trained crews to operate within the walls of your home, and your life shouldn’t be disrupted at our arrival. We are guests in your home and respect this by being clean, on time and as unobtrusive as possible.

Are your interior walls looking dull and outdated? A splash of vibrant paint by the professional residential painters in Melbourne can set the tone of your room and make your home inviting. The professionals of Austar Painting and Decorating can transform your outdated walls using high-quality paint solutions and offer advanced paint protection techniques that can make your investment last in good health for a lifetime. Moreover, our high-quality detailing and impeccable paintwork can complement any interior decor and boost the curb appeal of your property.

Durable & Sustainable Exterior Painting that Protect Your Walls

The exterior appearance of your home is your opportunity to make a good first impression. Your outdoor paint job should portray who you are and leave others intrigued as to who lives beyond the threshold. Our trained professional residential or house painters in Melbourne know the weather and climate issues that your home will face. We are dedicated to providing you with a beautiful exterior paint job that will maintain its luster for years to come.

Exterior walls are highly exposed to natural weather elements such as rain, humidity, moisture that wears away the shine and causes paint to peel off before the expected time. Regular exposure to these natural weather elements can be detrimental to the health of paint but our residential painting contractors in Melbourne make sure your investment is protected in the long run. We use durable exterior paints that come with advanced technology and protects your walls from outside hazards and pest infestations. By virtue of our commitment, dedication and on-time completion, we have emerged to be leading house painters in Melbourne you can blindly place your trust upon.

Frequently asked Questions
Whereas fresh coats of paint can give a quick facelift to outdated walls, premium paints by Melbourne House Painter can actually make walls speak and enhance the visual aesthetics of the interiors. High-quality sustainable paints make the base smooth and allow painters deliver flawless outcomes whilst giving better coverage to surface imperfections. Cheap paints, on the other hand, can highlight defects, surface flaws and give recurring troubles of peeling paint, cracking and bubbling.

Proper surface prepping by professional house painters in Melbourne is key to long-lasting paint. Scrapping, sanding, priming not only makes walls ready for paint but extends the longevity of paints and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Here’s what included in surface preparation:

  • Power washing, cleaning, greasing, mould and dirt removal from surfaces.
  • Scraping off loose paint from damaged surfaces.
  • Remove peeling paint, cracks, bubbles using a pressure washer.
  • Sanding rough edges and filling of dents and holes to make the base smooth and ready for paint.
  • Filling gaps with fillers such as between woodwork, joints and weatherboards.
  • Sealing stains by professional residential painters in Melbourne to prevent bleeding through newly painted surfaces.
  • Prime plasterboard, metal surfaces and masonry. Applying undercoats when painting dark colours over lighter hues. Woodwork often requires one layer of undercoating and a minimum of 2 coats.
Austar Painting and Decorating boasts of having fully insured and licensed house painters & decorators in Melbourne who can indemnify against any damage or loss that may happen during the process and make house painting successful.

Our process for house painting & decorating in Melbourne incorporates the following steps:

Set-Up & Preparation

Our painters arrive on time with proper equipment and materials and organise the work with a holistic approach to ensure individual job requirements are met. If you decide to stay at home during residential painting services in Melbourne, we schedule our job in an efficient manner for seamless execution of work with minimal disruption.

Painting Process
We strive to apply flawless paint coats meeting all statutory requirements as mentioned in our quote. In case of any issue or discrepancy, our residential painting contractors in Melbourne would consult with you immediately to resolve the matter and resume work without wasting time and productivity.

Job Completion

Our project supervisor will perform a thorough inspection to ensure the paint job is carried out with utmost perfection and detailing. We put relentless efforts to provide you with impeccable professional home painting services in Melbourne underlining the highest standard, efficacy and professionalism. Our painters won’t leave your premises unless you are 100% satisfied and would apply necessary touch-ups if required.

Paint sheen has a significant impact on both the appearance and longevity of paints. High-quality gloss enhances the durability of paints and makes them stain and moisture-resistant. However, affordable house painters in Melbourne recommend avoiding excessive gloss as it can highlight surface imperfections and ruin the visual aesthetics of walls.

The painters of Austar Painting and Decorating are recruited on the basis of their work experience, certification and license. Our best house painting quote in Melbourne includes complete details of the painting process from initialisation to conceptualisation including surface preparation, number of coats to be applied, techniques to be followed and other associated particulars related to the job to ensure our clients get nothing but the best. Every phase of our work is supervised by dedicated project managers and are aimed towards the highest level of customer satisfaction which has eventually helped us become the leading house painting company in Melbourne.
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