The Most Obvious Challenges that Commercial Painters Have to Face

Commercial painting is different from domestic painting. This is not only because the commercial properties come in various unconventional shapes and dimensions, but their paints take a lot more beating than that of their domestic counterparts. Thus, commercial painters in Melbourne like in any other part of the world have to face a lot more challenges than those who mainly deal with domestic painting. Here on this page, we discuss the various challenges that these professionals face while conducting the painting.

Fading Paints

This one of the most common challenges that the commercial painters in Black Rock like anywhere else near Melbourne would face. Well, the same problem is faced by the domestic painters, but here in the case of the commercial painters, the issue is much more complicated, as commercial properties are not painted at short intervals like their domestic counterparts. Thus, they have the challenge of getting rid of the faded paints from even hard-to-reach areas, using specialised tools and technology.  

Cracked, Blistered, and peeling of paints

This is a very common phenomenon that is faced by commercial painters in Hampton or elsewhere. Due to exposure to natural elements for too long,  and for over-exposure to hazardous elements like dust and dirt, heat, smoke, and other elements, the paints suffer a lot. They crack, peel off, and have blisters at places. That is why, the professionals offering commercial painting services in Melbourne and its suburbs would come up with special techniques that will help them get rid of the cracked, peeling off, and blistered old paint thoroughly, before they opt for new, fresh primer and paint.  

Mould and Mildew

This is another very common ills that the commercial painters in Caldermeade or elsewhere will have to encounter, more so at places at heights that are beyond normal reach. Thus again, they have to take the help of specialised tools and techniques to get rid of them and prepare the surface for a fresh coat of paint. Every Melbourne commercial painter who hails from a reputed company has enough knowledge and access to the appropriate tools and techniques to come up with the desired solution. 


This is yet another very common problem that the commercial painters in Pakenham and other places would face. This is nothing by the phenomenon of the formation of loosely-based powder on the painted walls. This happens when the painting has been of poor quality and when the surface has not been painted for long.  Inferior quality paintings gather high pigment levels, and this is responsible for chalking.  

Thus, during commercial and office painting in Melbourne quality painters from reputed companies would always opt for high-quality eco-friendly paints to ensure they do not fade out with time, grow chalks, and peels easily.  

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