These Signs Indicate That Your House Requires a New Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint naturally makes any house looks appealing. But if you are wondering when to invest in a new coat of paint, it is when you look for a few signs that indicate that the existing paint needs to be replaced. 

Here, we will be especially looking at these signs. So, go through them and if you are in Melbourne, call the local painters to apply a new coat to restore the appeal of your home.

  • Your Exterior Walls are Filled with Mould and Moisture Stains

A very common sign that indicates that you will need to call your local house painter in Melbourne is when you notice mould and moisture stains on the exterior surface. 

Sometimes, the stains can be removed with water. But to remove the stubborn stains or mould, pressure cleaning is required which can further damage your existing paint. Moreover, stubborn stains and mould indicate that the damage to your walls might be deeper. Therefore, you should not delay in calling the panting professionals.

  • Cracks on Caulking

If you notice cracks on the caulking around your windows or doors, it is a sign that you will need to call a professional painter to replace the paint. 

Generally, caulking is done to seal the surface. But small cracks in these areas mean that the paint has weakened. However, sometimes the caulking can be repaired by filling them with fresh caulking. Nevertheless, when and if experienced, you should call the painters and get a fresh coat of paint applied to protect the existing sealant.

  • Paint Blemishes on Wood

If your home is made up of wood, you should look for paint blemishes that start appearing after a few years and is a clear indication that the surface needs a repaint.

At this point, you will need to call the professional painters in Melbourne for an inspection since they will inspect the existing paint condition as well as the wood.

If the latter needs replacing, you will need to do it first before you can apply the new paint coat.

  • Peeling, Bubbling or Cracked Paint

After several years, you might notice cracked paint or bubbles appearing on the surface. All of these indicate that your existing paint needs a replacement because when the existing paint starts disintegrating, your home is exposed to the weather. This could cause damages to the insulation and the existing structure. Moreover, exposure leads to the growth of mould and mildew. So, when you notice any of these signs, call a professional painter right away.

  • Colours Have Faded

Another common sign to look for is the fading of the paint.

This clearly indicates that applying a fresh coat of paint is the solution and you can get this done by calling your friendly Melbourne house painters. 

They will inspect the existing paint, prepare the surface and apply the new one to make your home look fabulous.

Make Your Home Look Alluring With a New Paint Coat

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