The Benefits of Painting Your Roof White – An Insight Study

When it is time to paint your roofs, you may be caught in the dilemma while choosing the right colour for the roof paint. Amongst all the colours, opting for white seems to be the best move. This is because there are several benefits of going for white, while painting your roof. 

More so, if your property is located in Melbourne, white will go a long way to provide a number of benefits, much due to the climatic conditions that prevail in Melbourne and adjoining areas throughout the year. On this page, let us discuss the benefits of using white, while painting roofs in Melbourne. While some of these benefits are economical, the others are psychological and environmental. 

White gives you a perfect ‘cool roof’ 

If you are to escape from the searing heat of the Victorian summer, you need to have a ‘cool roof’ which will dissipate most of the heat, keeping the interiors cool. And white helps you to have that perfect cool roof. Technically speaking, the cool roofs are the ones that are designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than the standard roofs. 

While the structure of these roofs makes a lot of difference, so does the shade. When you have white coloured cool roof, you enjoy more benefits than the white standard roofs. On the other hand, cool roofs attain more perfection only when they are painted white. 

When the cool roofs are painted white by professional roof painters in Melbourne, it will make the room interiors cooler and will save money and energy more, by facilitating lesser use of air conditioning.  

In the nutshell, the white cool roofs will help in….

  • Saving energy
  • Lowering the indoor temperature 
  • Improving the indoor living condition 
  • Reduce the excess urban heat

White roof reduces the indoor temperature without using HVAC systems

When you hire roof painters in Melbourne to have the roof of your property painted white, you indirectly reduce your contribution to carbon footprint. As the roof dissipates the excessive heat off the roof, the interiors remain cooler, thus improving the indoor comfort in the areas that are not air conditioned. Thus, spaces like the garages, the roofed patios, and the kitchens benefit a lot when they have roofs that are painted in white. 

It helps elimination of urban heat

When you have the roof of your property painted white by the professionals of roof painting services in Melbourne it goes a long way to eliminating urban heat. A study has revealed that the modern cities, given the overwhelming number of conventional roofs included, would create urban heat, resulting in an increase of net heat by 20 percent than the suburban areas. 

This is where the white roofs name a difference. While the study has revealed that white cool roofs have reduced the electricity demand by 10 per cent, it has also reduced the urban heat significantly. 

It provides psychological comfort 

Last but not the least, cool roofs painted roofs white, provide a lot of mental comfort along with physical coziness, and also add an aesthetic value to your property. Thus, they are always more adored than other forms and colours of roofs. When you hire quality roof painting services in Melbourne they would provide you a lot of inputs about these issues and many more. 

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