The Eternal Dilemma Choosing Between the Wallpaper Installation & Painting

Since ages, residents of Melbourne, like the rest of the world, have been looking for a concrete answer to the question – whether to opt for wallpaper installation or prefer painting. Both are fruitful in their own ways, and both lead to unique value addition to the property. 

More importantly, both have their own advantages that are really hard to ignore. Perhaps, these are the factors that lead to that eternal dilemma of choosing between wallpaper installation and summoning a wall house painter in Melbourne for painting. Here on this page, let us discuss the advantages of painting and wallpaper installation. One that is done, you will be in a better position to choose one of the two options, depending upon your needs and preferences. 

Advantages of wallpaper installation

They are durable:

Paints, no matter how good quality they may be, need retouching and repainting after a specific period of time. Wallpapers, from that aspect, are a much safer option. High quality wallpapers from renowned brands would last long, without any structural or visual depreciation due to their high durability quotient. 

They are cost effective in the long run:

The cost of wallpaper installation is higher than painting. Yet, the fact that the wallpapers do not require any overhaul unlike paints, nullify that extra cost. Thus, wallpaper installation in Melbourne turns out to be a cost effective option in the long run. 

Visual Appeal:

Visually, the wallpapers are more enticing than the paints. You can meet your aesthetic preferences by opting for innovative patterns and designs that will add value to your property. Yes, you can opt for paint designs as well, but that will significantly increase your budget. 

They act like good cover up:

Wallpapers can act as excellent cover ups for damaged walls and surfaces and will act as great saviours, if you are not in the mood of fixing damaged walls. 

They are easy to clean:

Wallpapers are washable. Yes, you can also clean high quality paints, but while doing so, you always run the risk of damaging the paint if you do not follow the right techniques. Cleaning wallpapers is not that tricky. 

Thus you see, these wallpapers come with a string of advantages that are really hard to ignore. 

Advantages of wall painting installation

Paints, however, are no pushover either. High quality paints from the best brands come with a number of benefits. 

The cost factor:

The costs of paints are on the lesser side compared to the wallpapers. Hence, if you have budget constraints then opting for paints is the most feasible option. 

They have better leveling capacity:

High quality paints come up with better leveling capacity and can be applied evenly by quality house painters in Melbourne, which will help to conceal any minor undulation on the walls. 

High quality paints come with touch up capacity:

If you opt for high quality paints, they may cost you more, but they will need minimal maintenance. Moreover, they come with touch up capacity, which can be performed quite easily and without disturbing the rest of the paint. And if done perfectly by qualified and experienced painters in Melbourne, they are unnoticeable. 

Top notch paints are stain and scrub resistant:

Superior paints come with very high grime & dirt resistant capacity and thwarts the dirt particles from sinking in, thereby helping in easy cleaning. Moreover, they are scrub resistant and hence are safe to be cleaned.  

Moreover, these paints are resistant to imprint, stick, mildew and they do not fade easily, thus turning to be real value additions to your property. These are the properties of high quality paints that should lure people to hire reputable providers of painting services in Melbourne

Now while we have discussed the advantages of both wall painting and wallpaper installation, it is your call to decide between the two. It will be wiser to opt for a painting company in Melbourne that offers both painting as well as wallpaper installation. 

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