Safety Tips that Professional Exterior and Interior Home Painters Follow

Professional painters – commercial or residential, would need to deliver flawless painting solutions to justify their client’s investment upon them. However, while doing so, they must stick to certain norms and follow certain tips, which will ensure they are safe and secured while providing painting services in Melbourne, as in any other place. They are supposed to be equipped with proper tools and an array of safety and security equipment. 

So let us take a bird’s eye view of the safety tips that the professional painters follow. 

Proper planning

Technically speaking, planning has got nothing to do with safety and security. Hence, the very point may raise questions. However, when you read between the lines, you get to know how proper planning helps in safety and security. Before they get on with a painting project, the professional house painters in Melbourne would consider the painting needs and compulsions and arrange for the appropriate painting tools beforehand. Then, they will plan the entire project, so much so that they know how to approach and what to do, to complete the project on time. When that happens, they do not have to hurry. This will mitigate the physical risk factor by quite some notches, more so when the project involves painting at heights. 

Ensuring the safety of ladders

When it comes to painting the interiors or exteriors of a property, a house painter in Melbourne has to often climb up a ladder for painting the hard-to-reach areas. Therefore, before climbing the ladder, the professional must ensure: 

  • The steps are free of dirt and dust and are clean enough to provide a firm grip of their feet. Dirt and dust often make the ladder steps slippery. 
  • When it comes to using an extension ladder, the interior home painters in Melbourne need to make sure that both the ladder legs as well as the top rails are making proper contact with the surfaces. 
  • And lastly, they need to confirm that the spreader bar is locked into the place firmly. 

Proper usage of the power tools

Power tools such as washers, sanders, spray painters and the likes can be the best friends of professionals during painting services in Melbourne like anywhere else, but only when they are used properly. Thus, when it comes to using these tools, professionals must go through the instruction manuals properly and follow the stated guidelines. This is to ensure that these tools do not pose any threat to the professional residential painters in Melbourne or any other place. Besides, they need to have proper eye protection, before operating the tools. 

Proper usage of protective equipment 

To ensure maximum safety and security, the exterior house painting professionals in Melbourne would use protective gears for eyes, and even proper dust masks and specialised suites to protect lungs and skin respectively. While painting at heights, they would use state of the art pulleys, slings and other protective gears to ensure safety. 

Thus you see, these are some of the steps that professional painters would take to be safe and secured while serving their clients. We at Austar Painting & Decorating would always stick to the latest safety norms and regulations. Thus, putting stakes on us will always help. Dial 0438743730 to book a service call.