Experts’ Tips on the Best Shades for Commercial & Office Exterior Painting

You cannot pick up colours randomly, when it comes to painting the exteriors of your Melbourne office or commercial property. Well you can, technically speaking, but it won’t fetch you the desired results. Thus, if you are not that confident about selecting the right colour to have the exteriors of your office or commercial properties painted, you must put your money on a quality name that offers office and commercial painting services in Melbourne. The experts of the service provider will guide you with proper suggestions, taking into view the psychological aspects of each of the shades. 

Here on this page, let us discuss some of the colours that a professional Melbourne commercial painter would suggest for painting your professional property or office exteriors. 


The experts of a quality painting and decorating service provider in Melbourne would prefer going red for the exteriors of your commercial property. This is because red happens to be the most dominant colour for the human eye. it draws focus and attraction more than any other colours, thereby eliciting the feelings of strength and excitement, confidence and strength. Thus, when it comes to painting the exterior of your commercial property, red always makes a difference. However, pure red may be a bit too dominating. Thus, the experienced commercial painters in Melbourne would suggest you to opt for some complimentary combination of any other shade with red, to convey the right message. 


Blue enjoys a special status in the commercial and marketing world. This shade is often perceived as trustworthy and professional. You will find that in many logos, blue plays a dominant role along with other shades. This is because it is believed to elicit a sense and feeling of dependability and trust. Thus, when it comes to painting the exteriors of your home or office, the experts of your commercial painting services in Melbourne might suggest you opt for blue. 


Green denotes closeness to wellness and nature, prosperity and tranquility. There is hardly any negative emotion that is associated with this particular shade. The colour also evokes serenity and growth. Thus, if you are for providing eco-friendly service, your office painters in Melbourne would suggest you use green for the exteriors of your office. 


This is another pretty exciting shade that the office painting in Melbourne whom you have hired, would suggest to you. It is a pretty vibrant and boisterous shade that is pretty eye-catching as well. It also evokes enthusiasm and motivation. There are a number of sports teams with logos and uniforms & jerseys having orange as the main dominant shade. Thus, opting for orange is also a pretty smart idea. 


This is the shade of friendliness. Yellow evokes a sense of optimism, costiveness and happiness. However, too much yellow might be a symbol of anxiety. Hence, when you choose yellow for the exterior shades of your office or commercial property, it has to be in a controlled extent. The experts of the office painting service in Melbourne whom you have hired will provide you the best suggestions regarding this. 

If these are the primary shades, the experts might also suggest you opt for brown, and a combo of black and white to get that desired effect. 

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