How Professional House Painters Help You to Pick Up the Right Colour

While there are no dearth professional house painters in Melbourne, picking up the right one out of them is quite a task. The one you pick up must not be only an astounding service provider with a proven track record of excellent service, but which offers a comprehensive service right from scratch till the end of the project. One of the most crucial aspects of the house painting projects is helping the clients in picking up the right colour shade for painting. We at Austar Painting and Decorating would do the same.

Here on this page, we would help our clients to pick up the right shade.

We tell our clients to start small

It might be that the clients are not sure about what shade to start with the take into stride the entire house. Start with the smallest room and then move from one room to the other. That’s the catch. In this way, even if you think you are going the wrong way, it will not take much to make amends.

Taking into account the mood

That’s one of the ideal ways to pick up the right colour for the right room. You have to take into account the mood of the room in question. Consider the purpose of the room. You just cannot opt for a shade that’s perfect for your kid’s room for your bedroom. Thus, considering the mood of the room is one good way of selecting the right paint.

The position and the dimension of the room

This is another factor to take into account while painting a room. That’s what any seasoned professional house painter in Melbourne would say. The dimension of the room will determine whether it’s going to be a light or a deep colour. Also, they would tell you to take into account the position of the room and consider the amount of sunlight it receives and the duration of the same.

Some more tips about lighting

The reason why our professional residential painters in Melbourne would tell you to put emphasis on natural light is because…

  • Natural daylight always show the truest colour of the paint
  • Lighting modes that are incandescent brings our warmer tones
  • If you are looking to paint a room with fluorescent lights, blue will be the best shade

Hence, if you opt for a stronger colour, it might be too bright as well overpowering, when used on the walls right adjacent to a big door or window. However, when negotiating an accent wall with access to indirect light, it might be a reasonable option.

Explaining the colour terminologies

One real advantage of hiring reliable local painters near Melbourne is that they will explain to you the terms and terminologies of house painting, which will help you to understand things more clearly.

Some of the general terms you get to learn from them is hue, which means the shade of paint, like red, yellow, green, and so on. The value of the hue denotes whether the shade is dark or light.

Then there is saturation, which refers to the extent of dominance of the hue. For instance, when you move from say, red to maroon, and then to pink, the hue of red gets more dominant and then less dominant.

Then there is intensity, which is actually the brilliance of the colour. While a pure shade like red has more intensity, a combination of green and yellow will have a lower intensity.

Thus, you see, when you hire quality painters from a company like Austar Painting and Decorating it gives you a string of added advantages other than some excellent quality of house painting. Hence, to get the most of us, call us at 0438743730 during our office hours.