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How Do You Prepare Walls Before Wallpapering Your Home?

Wallpapering is a great way to add charm and character to your walls and elevate the overall appearance of your property. Besides making rooms inviting, wallpapers boost the curb appeal of your home and considered as an ideal option to leave guests in awe during the first time visit. Now, adding wallpapers require planning and surface prepping in advance for a successful outcome. Surface preparation is key to flawless wallpaper installation and if you skip this basic step, your investment won’t yield the desired result. No matter how much you splurge on buying decorative and expensive wallpapers, surface prepping by professionals is a must to make wallpapers last in good shape for decades.

Take a tour with this blog and learn how to prep your walls before adding wallpapers to make your hard-earned investment worth every dollar.

Making Surface Smooth & Even

The first and foremost thing you should pay attention is to make surface walls smooth and even. Identify areas that are damaged, cracked or having dents and remove hooks, nails and switchboards from walls. Any craters or bumps in walls will be visible through wallpapers and may ruin the overall appearance of your interior decor. Prep your walls by filling in dents, holes and sand out surface imperfections such as bumps investing a sufficient amount of time and effort. Although light-textured wallpaper in Melbourne may not be a problem, dark texture should be smoothed and levelled. This will help in sealing moisture and prevent issues of lifting over time.

Avoid Installing Light Colored Wallpapers 

Wallpapers that are light in colour or have a white background are a bit risky to install as they carry the risk of revealing the wall’s texture along with surface flaws. Dark-coloured wallpapers do not fetch any such risk and cover up surface flaws appropriately thereby, give your walls a smooth and even look. Therefore, it’s extremely important to consult with professional painters in Melbourne while choosing wallpapers for your home as they can provide you with accurate length, height, texture and pattern and help you get a flawless job done at a minimal price.

Remove Dirt, Debris and Contaminants from Walls

Giving your walls a thorough clean up is a must as they influence the longevity of wallpapers and makes your investment last in good shape for decades. This step should be performed right before installing wallpapers to get a neat and flawless job done. Sanding out surface imperfections may leave behind traces of dust and debris which may prevent wallpapers from creating a strong bond with walls and you might get to see wallpapers peeling off early than the expected time. Professionals offering wallpaper installation in Melbourne always recommend using a strong cleaner such as TSP or sugar soap as they help in getting rid of grease, dirt or other build-up.

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