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How Can You Cover Up Surface Imperfections With the Right Paint Type?

No matter how hard you try to get blemish-free office interior walls, cracks, dents and holes are bound to happen over time. These pesky wall indentations are not only unsightly but are detrimental to the structural integrity of your walls and gradually turn into eyesores if not amended on time. For instance, drywalls are prone to quick damage and can make your property look outdated and dingy. These blemishes, however, may seem too negligible to require a patchwork but can be easily noticed during interior office painting. 

In these circumstances, the right paint type can do wonders to your walls and cover up surface imperfections to a considerable extent. Here’s how.

# Proper Surface Prepping is a Must

Before you start looking for the right type of paint for commercial painting in Melbourne, all you need is to pay attention to surface prepping. The right prep work will not just cover up surface imperfections but help you get smooth and flawless paint finishes you can boast about. Sand out the areas you wish to paint and clean walls using a cloth or a sponge. Try cleaning walls as precisely as you can as otherwise dirt, debris, stains may prevent your paint from adhering to the surface and give you the trouble of peeling paint, blisters, cracked paint before the expected time.

Be Specific with the Layers of Sheen

When choosing the right paint sheen for commercial painting in Casey, it’s important to know how paint sheens reflect at varying degrees. That’s because, too glossy or reflective sheen can make surface imperfections even more visible and ruin the visual aesthetics of your property. On the other hand, matte paint finishes absorb light which can help in hiding bumps. Therefore, painting with a matte sheen is the best way to hide flaws on walls and strengthen the structural integrity of your property.

Be Tricky With Textures

Flaws such as cracks, dents or holes in walls can get easily noticed even if you splurge on applying premium paint solutions during commercial painting services in Melbourne. So how can you cover up those pesky indentations? Being tricky with wall textures, color variants, patterns can help you hide surface flaws to a great extent. However, adding textures in your paintwork requires skills and mastery and if your in-house staff isn’t pro, it’s better to delegate the task to Melbourne painters who can execute the task with precision and attention to detail.

Invest in High-Quality Paints

It’s worth to mention that the quality of paint has a huge impact on the overall appearance of your commercial building and make your space welcoming. Inferior quality paints won’t give you the flawless coverage or durability and compel you to opt for a repainting job too early. Moreover, cheap quality paints can demean the aesthetics of your workplace and make your investment go in vain. So if you are hiring Melbourne commercial painter to handle your commercial painting job, don’t forget to ask them about the quality of paint they’ll be using to get flawless results.

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