4 Worst Office Painting Mistakes You Should Never Make

When it comes to office painting, you need to keep in mind a lot of factors to get the job done right. For instance, office surroundings must complement the ambience of paint theme, the color schemes should have a professional tone and vibrancy to lift employees’ mood and spirit, pressure washing of old/leftover paint and so on. Choosing inferior quality paints, lack of surface prepping, wrong tools and similar other mistakes can make office paint look unprofessional and leave you with an unsatisfied result. 

This blog will shed light on the top 4 office painting mistakes made by most amateur business owners for you to take a quick look.

  • Choosing Paints Without Having Cohesion With the Surroundings

Exploring creative painting ideas and experimenting with color schemes should be limited so far your office painting is concerned. To be more precise, you cannot be so liberal in choosing paint colors unlike that of any residential painting project. An official theme must be maintained and loud colors must be avoided to maintain the aesthetics of the workplace. However, new entrepreneurs who lack professional skills and knowledge fail to understand the intricacies and end up with inferior results post office painting service in Melbourne.

  • Incorporating Different Paint Combinations for Each Designated Zone

Before plunging into the office painting job, you need to understand the purpose of each designated zone and choose colors that can seamlessly blend in with the aesthetics and purpose of the space. For instance, choosing loud colors for meeting rooms may trigger the potential of heated discussions whereas, soft color tones such as beige, light pink or peach can bring in calmness and lift employee’s morale and spirit.

  • Not Prepping the Surface Properly

Surface prepping by professional office painters in Melbourne is key to long-lasting paint and those who skip the process, end up with the problem of peeling paint, cracks and leakage at a premature stage. Prepping include pressure cleaning, scraping, sanding and priming and failing to execute any one of the steps can give recurring troubles of paint damages. Natural signs of wear and tear, cracks, dents and holes should be even out to create a smooth base for primer application and those who resort to improper priming fail to get the desired paint outcome.

  • Choosing Light Hues Double Up Maintenance Tasks

When it comes to office painting in Melbourne, most business owners are inclined towards darker color tones just because they require low maintenance. However, this is partially true. Whereas it’s wise to incorporate lighter shades in board rooms or conference rooms, it’s not at all a good idea for high traffic areas such as kitchen or bathrooms. Since these areas undergo high foot traffic, choosing light color tones such as beige or peach may quickly become dull and stained and you may have to break a bank to opt for a repainting job early than expected.

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