Upgrading Your Bathroom With Paint? Here’s What You Need to Know

A bathroom is an ideal space to update with paint and changing the color becomes quick and effortless for smaller floor areas. Over time, bathroom paints undergo natural wear and tear and lose its lustre. Regular exposure to moisture loosens the adhesion between paint and surface walls and makes paint peel off the walls at a premature stage. Before plunging into the job of bathroom painting, you need to keep a few things in mind to make your hard-earned investment worthy to last for a lifetime.

Choose Moisture-Repellent Paints

Bathroom is a highly moist area and for painted walls, moisture ingression can be a big problem. Even if you ensure zero splashes of water on painted walls, steam from shower or bathtub can easily form moisture and gradually weaken the structural bonding between paint and surface walls. Before hiring reliable local painters near Melbourne for placing an order, you need to select from a wide range of moisture repellent paints to make your bathroom painting job successful.

Paints that Offer Ease of Maintenance

Bathroom is a highly moist area that tends to accumulate drips, stains, grime and mould on walls due to moisture ingression which are not just unsightly but detrimental to the health of paints. When it comes to bathroom painting, you need to choose the right finish that would offer ease of maintenance and make paint last in good health for decades. Flat finishes should be highly avoided as they absorb moisture and are difficult to wipe. High gloss finishes are ideal for controlling moisture and offer ease of maintenance.

Consider Choosing the Right Additives

Off late, painters near South East Melbourne prefer applying coatings that can seamlessly work in any room including moist corners such as bathrooms and kitchen. Paints containing strong additives can help in creating durable and moisture-resistant walls and anti-microbial additives can easily resist mould. Before hiring professional house painters in Melbourne,invest in paints containing moisture-resistant additives so that you can save your pockets from hiring a repainting job.

Apply the Right Primer

Priming is key to any successful paint job and choosing the right primer can help in prolonging the shelf-life of paint for the years to come. By applying moisture-resistant primer on walls, you can avoid the problem of peeling paint, leakage, mould and mildews and extend the lifespan of your bathroom paint. This small, yet crucial step can help in avoiding frequent touch-ups by professional residential painters in Melbourne and save your pocket from costly replacements.

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