5 Telltale Signs You Need to Hire Melbourne Painters for Revamping Your Walls

No matter how much you have splurged on your initial paint job, regular upkeep and maintenance are a must to keep paint in good health for decades. Routine exposure to dirt, stains, grime and surface contaminants wear away the lustre and make house paint look outdated too early. If you come across these recurring signs of paint damage, do not delay in hiring a reliable Melbourne house painter to restore your walls to its former glory.

Compelling Signs Your Home Needs Repainting 

Neat and well-kept walls not just boost the curb appeal of your property but protect your walls from major structural damages. Other than adding aesthetics, another reason to add fresh paint is to get high returns at the time of selling the home or letting your property on rent in future.  So when will you know your house needs a repainting job? 

Here are a few telltale signs that can help you make a wise decision.

Faded/Discolored Paint

Fading paint is a side-effect of regular exposure to natural weather elements. Harmful UV rays, moisture, dirt elements cause paint to lose its glory and you come across paint discolouration sooner than expected. Once you notice paint becoming dull and outdated, you should consider hiring professional house painters in Melbourne to brighten up your walls like before.

Cracks, Peels & Bubbles in Paint

If your residential paint has started peeling, cracking or bubbling, this is an obvious sign that you should treat your walls on an urgent basis. Over time, single line hairline cracks develop on walls due to leakage or moisture ingress and paint peel off the surface. Peeling paint is not just unsightly but detrimental to the structural integrity of your property. Bubbling, on the other hand, can form due to rotten wood which is another underlying issue. Paint bubbles or cracks make your home susceptible to mould and mildews and wreck havoc on the structural integrity of walls. So before things get out of your control, hire a professional house painter in Bayside to rectify damages. 

Mildews or Damp Walls

Mildews and mould are prime culprits behind damp walls and requires pressure cleaning to get completely removed. Mildews, if left untreated on walls can form unsightly patches and cause major structural damages for which you might have to seek professional help. Thus, you should inspect your walls regularly to check for dampness or leakage and apply necessary fixes to restore paint in good health for decades.

Chalky Residue on Walls

Chalky residue may not be visible every time, however, if you want paint to last in good health for long, you need to do a few things to check for chalky remains. At the initial stage, you may run a cloth over paint to find traces of chalky remains and if residues are found, it’s an indication your house needs repainting. Get in touch with professional Melbourne painters to schedule a periodic inspection of walls and make your paint last in good health for decades.

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