4 Hidden Secrets to Make Your Interior House Paint Last for Decades

Perhaps the best way to give a stunning makeover to your property is by applying fresh coats of paint and to keep it in good shape for the coming years is the most challenging task of any homeowner. If you have recently splurged on an interior house painting job, you would surely want to make it last for decades. However, dust, grime, mould and stains on painted walls are common which makes your property look outdated before the expected time. To ensure your hard-earned investment doesn’t go in vain, we have revealed some secrets that would help you make interior house paint last longer.

  • Avoid Humidity Inside Your Home

Humidity is detrimental to the health of paint and if you have recently undergone house interior painting services in Melbourne, you may come across the problem of peeling paint, blisters in paint or flaky paint early than expected. Excessive humidity affects the adhesive quality of your interior house paint and loosens it from the surface wall which is the underlying reason you come across the problem of peeling paint before the expired time. Even if you have strengthened the indoor insulation of your home, in-home moisture will find it’s way to affect your painted walls.

  • Treat Damaged Surfaces Immediately

Before hiring a professional interior painter in Melbourne, you must ensure you aren’t painting over rotten wood surface or walls that have developed cracks, dents or other imperfections over time. Surface preparation is key to a successful house painting job and therefore, if you notice any hidden flaws, you should address it immediately by hiring Melbourne painting and decorating services. To retain the flawless paint finishes of your newly painted walls, you should conduct periodic inspection and check for potential signs of paint damage and treat them without delay.

  • Deep Clean Surface Walls Before Painting

No matter how much you splurge on buying high-quality paint, it will not adhere to surface walls and peel off early before the expected time if you haven’t removed dust, debris or other particles from wall surface. Debris and dust particles prevent paint from bonding to the surface walls and make your investment completely useless. Cleaning walls is extremely essential to get a flawless paint outcome. If your property is more than 10 years old, it’s better to clean your outdated walls with a quality pressure washer to remove hard stains, sticky dirt and debris effectively.

  • Proper Paint Application is Essential

Interior house painting may seem overwhelming but requires skills and expertise. For homeowners who delegate the task to Austar Painting and Decorating gets flawless paint outcomes which they can boast about. Proper use to tools and equipment and correct paint application techniques greatly impacts the longevity of your paint.  The thickness of paint coats to be applied, techniques to be followed along with proper surface preparation determines whether you need to hire a repainting job or not. The best way to make your interior house paint last longer is by delegating the task to experts.

At Austar Painting and Decorating, we take pride to offer high-quality paint solutions for residential and commercial properties at a budgeted price. Our unique paint protection techniques, industry-compliant tools and equipment, cutting-edge skills make people bank on us. If you are up for an interior house painting job, don’t delay to get in touch with us for guaranteed results.