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Wallpapers To Boost Your Mental Health During Pandemic Days

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world hard and staying at home has become the ‘new normal’ to stop contamination against this deadly virus. However, this has become counterproductive for people. Whereas stepping out on streets fetches high risk of infection, staying indoors has almost become next to impossible, especially for workaholic people and therefore, affecting mental health to a great extent.

Given the fact that there is no other alternative other than staying confined within the four walls until things get settled, there’s a way to lift mood by revamping walls with creative and attractive wallpapers.  Wallpapers are intricately designed to create magic on walls and can help one survive the quarantine days with a cheerful mood. Nowadays, wallpapers come in a range of styles, designs and textures that can brighten up walls and lift an individual’s state of mind. If you are having a tough time surviving these pandemic days, opt for installing these wallpapers to boost your mental health. 

Bold and Attractive Wallpapers

Wallpapers designed with vibrant colour schemes imbibe a positive vibe in your room and make your space welcoming. Bright patterns coupled with intricate textures create a sense of openness and make your walls lively. Instead of choosing dark shades, you may choose wallpapers having rich expressive colours with stunning designs which can imbibe freshness and add character to your rooms. Stuck in quarantine days when you cannot step outside, nature-inspired wallpaper installation in Melbourne can bring that outdoor vibe and help you stay happy and cheerful.

Floral Wallpapers Bring Freshness to Rooms

Floral wallpapers are undisputed choices when it comes to inducing freshness and a positive ambience inside your home. Flowers have the power to spread smile on every space and can lift a person’s state of mind. 3D floral wallpapers installed by Melbourne house painter give the impression as if flowers have come to life itself on the walls. Floral wallpaper designs offered by Austar Painting and Decorating are a testament to the vibrancy and appeal that floral patterns can possess. With a color palette having mix and match shades of green, floral designs can be all the more attractive.

Travel Wallpapers Create Virtual Exotic Destination 

The lockdown phase has made life stagnant and people are trying to find out ways to escape the four walls to get some fresh air. By installing travel wallpaper in Melbourne in the living room, you can transform your space into a virtual exotic destination. The striking feature of travel wallpapers is that it takes you to an imaginary world and makes everything look like real-life things thus, help in creating stunning and sophisticated interiors you will truly enjoy.

Artistic & Minimalist Patterns Can Lift Your Mood

At times, a soothing and subtle pattern is enough to lift your mood during the quarantine days. Not all wallpapers need to be bright and loud. You can ask the professional painters in Melbourne to install classy and minimalist designs that can grab attention of guests at the same time can rejuvenate your mind and soul. It need not be vivid wallpaper colours to steal attention but sometimes free-hand patterns with professional artistic touch can create a captivating sight. When your quarantine life becomes too stressful, you can have a look at these soft and pleasing wallpaper designs to make your family members happy.

At Austar Painting and Decorating, our Melbourne painters provide you with an exquisite range of elegant and sophisticated wallpapers of varied styles, patterns and textures that can raise the appeal of your rooms and make your space inviting. If you want to boost your mental health and survive the quarantine days in cheerful mood, get in touch with us now and ask for a FREE QUOTE!