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4 Common Myths Regarding Roof Painting & Restoration Finally Busted!

Roof is one of the vital structures of a home that undergoes natural degradation and become outdated over time. Regular exposure to sun, moisture and other weather elements weaken the structural integrity and causes roof paint peel off early. As a result, frequent roof repairs and restoration becomes essential to strengthen the foundation and prolong the shelf-life of the exterior paint. However, majority of homeowners refrain from undertaking roof restoration and paining job due to some common misconceptions prevailing on the internet. This blog is to bust the myths and make you aware of some hidden facts which will help you make a wise step in future.

Myth 1: Roof Restoration is Only About Strengthening the Structural Integrity

Majority of homeowners believe that roof restoration is only about fixing the structural defects and paint touch-ups and refrain from undertaking the job owing to the fact that it would be time-consuming. Contrary to what you may have read or heard, the primary objective of roof restoration is to enhance the visual appeal apart from adding strength to the walls. Whereas restoration may include rust treatment too, however, it’s not a complex task unlike ridge capping and can be easily completed within a fixed deadline with the help of Melbourne painters.

Myth 2: Roof Paints Don’t Last Long & Fade Early 

Another common misconception that has been around for many years is that roof paints fade early than regular paint, which is far from truth. Speciality roof paints are manufactured with strong chemical properties and contain anti-bacterial solutions that can withstand extreme temperate conditions, control rust and moisture build-up and minimise pest infestations to a great extent. For people who consider opting for regular roof painting in Melbourne in order to save a couple of bucks often end up with paint discolouration or peeling paint early than the expected time.

Myth 3: DIY Roof Painting & Restoration is a Cost-Effective Option

Roof painting and restoration services aren’t a job of a layman as it requires flexibility to work in heights, cutting-edge skills, technical expertise and years of experience. Whereas diagnosing and fixing petty issues such as clogged gutters can be fixed alone, leaking roofs, peeling paint, rust treatment require intervention of professional roof painter in Bayside & Melbourne. For homeowners who fail to understand the severity of the job and undertake roof repairs simply out of sheer excitement cause more damage than good and overburden their pocket with hefty repairs. 

Myth 4: Roof Restoration Requires Complete Roof Replacement

Some companies may suggest you to opt for total roof replacement instead of performing repairs with an aim to increase your expenditures. Before you decide to do so, consult with other service providers and seek opinion from various roof restoration experts to ensure you aren’t fooled. Where a minor repair can serve the purpose, why make your bank accounts soar by opting for pricey roof replacement? Experts offering roof painting services in Melbourne can provide you with the best advice and you can easily get your roofing issues fixed without investing hefty dollars.

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