Can You Paint Over Mould-Infected Office Walls? A Comprehensive Guide

Over time, office walls undergo natural wear and tear and develop mould and mildews. Mould-infected walls are unsightly and demean the overall impression of your workplace. At times, it might be tempting to apply a fresh coat of paint to cover up the flaws but whether it would be wise to paint over mould is a big-time query among most business owners. A temporary fix won’t be that much help in the long run; rather it can further weaken the structural foundation and lead to potential health hazards. 

Know everything about what causes mould growth, signs of mould infestation and whether paint can treat mould infestation by giving a thorough read to this blog.

Mould- A Potential Culprit

Most business owners know little about mould and the reasons that lead to mould infestation on walls. Mould is actually a fungus that thrives mostly in places which are damp, moist and humid. Office building which is more than 10years old is highly susceptible to mould infestation. Also, regular exposure to sun, rain and moisture make office walls prone to mould growth. Mould not just brings down the visual impression of your workplace but pose a serious threat to patients suffering from asthma or other respiratory disorders.

Clear Indications of Mould Growth on Walls

If your office building is more than 10 years old, chances are high to confront mould infestation on walls at some point in time. Mould wrecks the health of paint and there comes a time when you find paint peeling off the surface of your office building.  Moreover, you may also come across blackish stains or patches on walls that might have formed due to moisture ingress or leakage. These telltale signs are nothing but clear indications of mould growth on walls. The moment you notice these indentations, don’t delay to get professional commercial painting in Melbourne done. 

However, before taking the plunge, you need to choose specialised mould-resistant paint that can suit your purpose.

How Can Paint Protect Your Office Walls from Mould Damage

Not all paint is meant for treating mould and mildews. To get rid of mould infestation, the first thing that strikes in mind is to apply paints that are formulated with mould-resistant properties. To solve the problem from the grass root, you need to treat the affected areas with a bleach-based solution, scrub the surface with a gentle brush and rinse thoroughly to clear off debris. 

Correct Surface Preparation & Choosing Mould-Resistant Paint is Essential

Hiring an office painter in Melbourne to repaint over mould-infected walls can make the problem worse rather than good. Existing spores will affect the new paint film and spread rapidly which will further deteriorate the foundation of your building. Also, mould spores feeding on building materials will lead to moisture ingress, water penetration and result in huge structural damage. To get flawless paint outcome, it’s important to prepare the surface and apply speciality paints that are meant for treating mould and mildews

Choosing Special Coating Systems is Essential to Prevent Mould Growth

Today, the market is flooded with a huge range of specialised mould-resistant coatings and you can choose any one depending upon your wall type and condition. Some interior paints are specially formulated with anti-mould properties and for effective application, you can hire Melbourne painters

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