Costly Blunders You Should Avoid While Painting Your Metal Roof

Roof painting is unarguably essential, especially before the raining season. While metal roofing is one of the most durable ones, however, it requires frequent inspections and repairing work to last for decades. From rusting to paint damages, adverse weather elements can affect your metal roofing and weaken the structural integrity of your building. The best way to add durability to your metal roof is by applying vibrant coats of paint. Now, here comes the tweak.

Whereas painting traditional roof doesn’t require attention to detail, metal roof needs extra love and care. Inferior paint quality, incorrect paint application techniques and improper surface preparation can do more damage than good and overburden your pocket with hefty dollars.

Check out the costly mistakes most homeowners make while painting metal roof and ensure it doesn’t happen in your case!

Applying Expired and Leftover Paint

Metal roof consists of intricate materials and hence, the type of paint will differ from that usually applied to traditional roofs. Unlike regular house paint, a metal roof requires heat-resistant, pest and water-resistant paint solutions.

However, homeowners who have lately done a regular house painting job consider using the leftover paint for metal roof in order to save a few bucks and that’s where they make the biggest blunder. Inappropriate type of paint would fail to match the in-built characteristics of the material contained in metal roof and sooner give you the problem of peeling paint or flaky paint.

Skipping Using Quality Sealants

This is one of the common blunders homeowners make while painting metal roof. Coating the sealant with specialised metal roof paint is essential to avoid the problem of peeling paint. Skipping to coat the sealant make roof paint vulnerable to harmful UV rays, moisture, rain and fog which eventually weakens the chemical bonding techniques and adhesion power of sealing the paint and cause the paint to peel off early than expected.

Moreover, the chemical composition of every sealant is different and so are their application techniques. Therefore, it’s always recommended to hire professional roof painting services in Melbourne where the experts can analyse the roof condition and apply specialised paint protection techniques to make your metal roof paint last for decades.

Not Choosing Energy-Efficient Paint

Today, the market is flooded with innumerable paint solutions but choosing the right type of energy-efficient paint can prolong the shelf-life of your metal roof and make your investment worthy. People who consider applying regular paint to metal roof fail to reap the benefits of an energy-efficient home. Therefore, it’s important to buy specialised roof paints consisting of polymeric materials and acrylic that can avert the harmful UV rays of the sun and keep your building comparatively cooler even during the humid summer months.

Applying Incorrect Paint Techniques

There’s a specific way of painting metal roofs. Incorrect application methods can do more damage than good and fail to deliver successful paint outcomes. As a layman, you should always seek assistance from professional Melbourne painters to avoid structural damage to your property.

First and foremost, you should start by cleaning the roof and then applying sealant on the surface. Only after the sealant gets dried up completely, you need to apply the first coat of paint. Metal roof painting shouldn’t be done in a hurry. It needs to be applied in layers following unique techniques which can only be done by experts offering roof restoration in Melbourne.

Planning for a metal roof painting job?

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