4 Worst Wallpaper Installation Mistakes You Should Never Make

Latest wallpaper installations are just incredible! The right tools and proper installation techniques can make your walls speak and leave your guests in awe. Wallpaper installation may seem to be an easy undertaking but practically it’s not so.

It takes a lot to get a flawless wallpaper installation done. From inspecting the wall condition to choosing the right pattern, designs, textures and correct measurements, wallpaper installation is not a DIY job. Unfortunately, homeowners who take the plunge alone despite being not a pro, often end up making these worst wallpaper installation mistakes.

• Not Taking Proper Measurements Before Placing an Order

A common mistake made by majority of the people is to purchase wallpapers in bulk without taking correct measurements. The idea of installing wallpapers may seem overwhelming at first, but the execution of the task is quite challenging and arduous.

Purchasing wallpaper rolls before taking proper measurements of the walls can hinder the flow of your work and put your money in vain. Before placing an order for wallpapers, the first and foremost thing you should do is measure the wall size by hiring professional wallpaper installers to make your investment worthy.

• Ordering in Insufficient Quantities

Wallpapers are usually sold in bulk and therefore, it’s better to have a correct estimate before placing an order. Measuring walls and ordering according to the correct measurements can help you get the job done without any hassle.

Most homeowners who take the plunge of wallpaper installation on their own fail to place correct ordering quantities and end up with a shortage. Experts offering professional wallpaper installation in Melbourne always recommend buying additional 25% extra wallpaper to minimise risk of structural damages and early peel off.

• Choosing Inferior Quality Material

It’s good to save money but when it comes to buying wallpapers for your new home, you can’t afford to skimp on buying inferior quality materials. Cheap quality wallpapers weaken the structural integrity of your building and overburden your pocket with hefty dollars.

Most people who look for the cheapest quote considering it would do good, undergo frequent replacements and renovations of their walls as cheap materials never last long.

• Not Preparing Walls Before Installation

Wallpapers have never been a magical fix for damaged walls. In fact, it can highlight flaws such as dents, cracks, blotches and uneven finishes even more if not installed according to the right techniques.

Surface preparation is a must to get a flawless wallpaper installation done and most homeowners who fail to do so end up weakening the structural integrity of the property. Before hanging wallpapers, it’s always essential to sand out the affected areas and fill up cracks, dents and other imperfections to prevent structural damages to walls.

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