Should You Hire Professional Painters for a Historic Interior?

So your historic building is showing signs of damage and you can’t keep off your eyes from those flaky paint peeling off your antique walls! When it comes to protecting the historic interior, most homeowners consider undertaking the basic steps of cleaning floors and furnishings and completely overlook the painting aspect. If you see bubbles in paint and unable to make your mind whether to hire professional painters or DIY, here’s this guide to help you out. 

Prep Work Before Painting a Historic Interior

Professional painters in Melbourne working on historic homes prepare surfaces that are already covered with various coats of paint be it oil-based or acrylic. The key to a successful paint outcome is knowing and understanding how to fix peeling paint. 

What About Lead Paint?

Almost all homes built before 1978 has lead paint. Before applying fresh paint on lead-painted surfaces, it’s imperative to test the surface walls to ensure there are no obstructions and also to check whether sanding, scraping or cutting is required. If lead paint is not detected even after using a 3M test kit, you can proceed with the paintwork.

How to Fix Peeling Paint on an Antique Interior?

For historic homes, it’s common to encounter the problem of peeling paint once or often. Reliable residential painters near Melbourne performs a simple adhesion test to reveal any compromised layer that may be hidden under the topcoat. 

At first, they select a discrete area and cut a mark in the paint using a utility knife. Once done, they apply regular masking tape over the cuts, rub it and yank it off. If the paint comes off with the tape, it’s evident there’s an improper coating that might not have stuck firmly to the walls. This uncompromised layer will continue giving peeling issues until you deal it properly.

Best Ways to Address Existing Damages

Before painting historic interior, master painters near south-east Melbourne survey the structural integrity of walls. Checking existing damage such as scratches, cracks, dents should be rightly identified and filled up to get a flawless paint outcome. Needless to say, a historic home that has nurtured lives of multiple generations is bound to undergo wear and tear over time and age. Therefore, it’s imperative to check for existing issues and rectify it to preserve the legacy of your timeless interior.

Historic Paint Finishes that Requires Professionals Touch

Once you have prepared your walls, it’s time to give a finishing touch to your walls using special paints. The smoothest paint finish can provide walls with the best dust protection, prevent pest infestation and add value to your home.

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So are you up for painting your timeless historic interior? At Austar Painting and Decorating, we can give a classic touch to your antique walls that can preserve the legacy and keep the structural integrity of your property intact. We comprise of a team of reliable local painters near Melbourne who have years of experience in handling complex painting projects and apply unique techniques to make your paint last for decades. So dial us now and grab the best quote for you!