How to Know A Coating will Bond With Your Commercial Metal Surface?

Painting commercial metal has always been challenging and a strenuous undertake, especially for people who are not a pro in the task. For a flawless paint outcome, things which are essential are:-

  • Proper surface preparation including pre-cleaning & de-rusting
  • Picking the right coat for commercial metal based on the surrounding environment
  • Professional application of the coating to ensure better endurance and adhesion.

Most business owners end up with a huge mess while painting their commercial metal surface due to wrong selection of coatings. A mismatch between the surface walls and the coating can leave you with damaged property and call for a professional repainting soon after.

What Makes Painting Commercial Metal Surface So Difficult?

The high-performance qualities of commercial metal surfaces largely depend upon the texture of their surfaces which is basically non-porous. A non-porous surface is always resistant to environmental degrades, rust and extreme climatic conditions.

However, most entrepreneurs lack knowledge to paint non-porous metal surfaces and end up doing more damage than good by not opting for paint adhesion testing before applying a coating. The testing plays a crucial role in determining whether a coating will adhere to the substrate to be painted and paves the way for a successful commercial painting in Melbourne.

Tips To Make Commercial Metal Painting Successful by Using Galvanised Metal Primer

First and foremost, to ensure superior coating adhesion on any metal surface, proper priming is a must. Primer helps to enhance adhesion, improve the durability of paint and add more protection from active elements in the surrounding environment.

To pick up the right primer for your commercial metal surfaces, here are two things you should keep in mind.

  • Rust-Inhibitive Primers are Best for Metal Surfaces

As already the name suggests, this typical primer interferes with the substrate rust and even if an area of your commercial metal has already experienced rust damage, it can be easily covered with this primer coat. Moreover, rust-inhibitive primer includes extra ingredients that deter the chemical process of oxidisation. They help by either absorbing oxygen that would otherwise interfere with the metal or by offering protection keeping oxygen and iron separate.

If there are traces of any loose rust on the surface, they must be removed and you must sand out the area before the final application of primer. Once the priming is successfully done, you can proceed with hiring commercial painting services in Melbourne.

  • Using Specific Galvanised Primer is Key

Galvanised metal primer is specially made for commercial metal surfaces that prevent coating from bonding firmly to the surface. For instance, galvanised primer is widely used on aluminium surfaces. Here, the metal primer acts as a key to improve the paint’s longevity. Even, many acrylic coatings can adhere to a clean galvanised metal. Depending upon your business needs, you can ask the Melbourne commercial painter to apply one that suits your metal surface best.

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