How Long Does Interior Commercial Paint Usually Retain?

Commercial spaces are high traffic areas that are exposed to dirt, stains, pollution and undergo regular abuse. Whether you have newly painted your building or repainted a couple of years ago by certified Melbourne painters, periodic paint maintenance is a must to maintain the lustre of walls for years.

Most business owners are often curious about how long their interior paint will last before undertaking a project. Well, the answer to this question greatly depends upon the quality of surface prepping, type of coatings applied, quality of work done, the weather condition when paint was applied and various other environmental factors. If you have recently given a facelift to your office building with fresh coatings and are wondering about the longevity of paints, this blog is a MUST-READ.

Various factors determine the longevity of interior paints. And particularly when it comes to office interior painting, quality of coatings done by commercial painters in Melbourne, surface prepping greatly impacts the durability of paints.

Quality of Paints

Painting the interior walls of commercial spaces isn’t just merely picking a bucket of paint from a local store and slamming it on the surfaces. All your efforts will go in vain and the outcome will be messy applications that will strip off after a few months. Premium quality paints contain the best pigmentations and you must not fall prey to dishonest companies who claim inferior paints as high-quality emulsion paints. For an incredible transformation of your commercial space, you must look for the best commercial painting companies in Melbourne and hire the right one having valid credentials and assuring clients of high-quality paints at every stage of application. Emulsion paints contain a high percentage of pigmentation that offers flawless coverage and lasts longer.

Proper Surface Prepping

Consistency is another key contributing factor that greatly impacts the quality of paints. Uneven paint application on rugged surfaces or coatings applied directly over cracks, dents or holes curtails the longevity of paints and gradually peels off the surfaces, making walls look dull, tired and outdated. Meticulous surface prepping is a must to make the base walls ready for paint and commercial painters in Bayside execute the job right. Surface preparation determines how long the paint will adhere to the surface. When hiring professionals for revamping office interior walls, don’t forget to ask these questions for a worthy investment.

Right Shade of Paint

The importance of choosing the right paint shade can’t be undermined when it comes to durable painting services in Melbourne. Commercial spaces are high-traffic areas and lighter shades such as white, beige etc., can fade quickly without regular upkeep. Although white walls incorporate a sense of poise and sophistication, they require routine maintenance to stay in top shape. Light shades accumulate dirt, and stains quickly and become discoloured, thus, need frequenting repainting services. If you have upgraded your workplace with white paints, don’t overlook hiring professional paint maintenance services for extended longevity.

Meticulous interior paints contribute to the overall appearance of workplaces and boost productivity. Hope you got a fair idea what all factors contribute to the longevity of paints. At Austar Painting & Decorating, we believe in making workplaces beautiful using premium emulsion paints at competitive rates. Our accredited office painters in Melbourne are adept at modern painting trends and use advanced paint protection techniques to make paints last longer. If you want to avoid the expenses of frequent repainting services, get in touch with us for periodic paint maintenance at reasonable rates.