How Do House Painters Perfectly Paint Cornices and Corners?

Painting the cornices and the corners inside a house perfectly is always a challenge for residential painters. Nevertheless, they accomplish the job by following a few techniques, and today, we will be taking a look at some of them so that you can gain some ideas regarding the painting methodologies that painters follow. In fact, if you have a bit of knowledge about these techniques, discussing your interior painting project with professional painters in Melbourne will become easier.

Anyway, without further ado, let us deep-dive into how cornices and corners are painted by house painters with perfection.

  • Masking off the Areas Where Paint Will Not Be Applied

Whether the cornices or the corners of a room are to be painted, experienced painting professionals will always mask off the areas where they will avoid paint or might apply paint later.

If they do not follow this method, they might end up putting paint on the edges or the cornices thus spoiling the entire paint.

  • Starting the Paint Job With the Cornice

Expert house painters in Melbourne will start by painting the cornice if the colour of the structure matches that of the ceiling. Otherwise, painting the cornice or the ceiling later will become an arduous task. Moreover, doing so will help save time that they would’ve otherwise spent masking these areas.

  • Use Angled Paint Pad To Paint the Corners

When it comes to painting corners, residential painters will use a brush or an angled paint pad that will help apply the paint smoothly in these parts.

These two are mainly the tools that they use to apply paint to the edges. But perfecting the paint to make the edges look smooth can be a time-taking job.

  • Use Spray Painting for the Cornices

Most Melbourne painters use spray paint to perfectly apply paint to the cornices. However, depending on the shape and detailing of the structure, they might use a brush too, especially to fill in the textured surfaces. But as you can guess, there is no room for roller painting when it comes to cornice painting.

  • Apply Paint to the Corners First

Similar to cornice painting, residential painters often apply paint to the corners of the room first to maintain the evenness of the paint. However, this technique of corner painting is only used when all the walls of a room have a similar colour. But if they aren’t, the home painters will stick to using angled paint pads.

  • Using Proprietary Tools

For painting cornices as well as corners of rooms, painters providing painting services in Melbourne use proprietary tools. These are specialised tools that aid in perfect painting. For these reasons, professionals use these tools at large. However, these tools are used only by a few companies having the resources of developing these tools.

By following these procedures do professional residential painters give a new look to the cornices as well the corners of each room.

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