Beware of These 5 Common Mistakes While Painting House Interiors!

Interior house painting has never been an easy undertake as it requires professional skills, in-depth knowledge and solid trade experience. Homeowners who undertake the job simply out of sheer excitement end up making these terrible mistakes which are listed below.

  • Choosing Wrong Paint Color

A common mistake almost every amateur painter makes is choosing wrong paint colour for their walls. More often, you might have noticed people picking a random shade from the colour palette and ordering paint before even trying out a sample on their walls. The result is color mismatch upon final application of paint coats. To avoid this mistake and get a fair idea of the actual color tone, it’s always wise to ask professional residential painters in Melbourne for a sample, observe it in natural light and then proceed to place an order.

  • Bumping the Walls & Ceilings

Another amateur move is to bump the ceiling with a roller and create an unsightly touch up during interior house painting. Bumped ceiling is an indication of inferior paintwork and to avoid this mistake, residential painters in Frankston suggest rolling on a horizontal strip parallel to the ceiling and then vertically over the horizontal strip. It will help you get a nice buffer zone and make your paintwork successful.

  • Overdoing with Brushes

When it comes to painting wooden pelmets, doors or cabinetry, avoid overdoing with your paintbrushes for a smooth and flawless finish. Dip the brush into paint and quickly cover an area. Use a stroke to level up the area for a smooth finish. Brushing multiple times over the same surface especially when paint has started drying can leave behind unsightly marks and ridges and make your investment go in vain.

  • Spray Painting in an Exposed Space

For homeowners who prefer spray painting on interior walls, forget to cover exposed surfaces and end up causing significant damages to their property and belongings. Spray painting requires special care and attention and hence, house painter in Melbourne always recommends covering furniture, floors with plastic or old cloths before starting off with the task. Spray painting on a windy day is a big NO as the mist can drift away and ruin the house exteriors.

Painting Over Popcorn Ceilings

Painting over popcorn ceilings without testing the area can be the biggest blunder you can ever make! Painters near south east Melbourne always recommend test-paint a portion prior to applying new coats to extend the longevity of paint. If the texture remains unchanged and looks fine, you may go ahead and paint the entire ceiling. However, amateurs who lack knowledge in interior painting and take the plunge alone end up making significant paint damages to their property.

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