Some Dask Exterior House Painting Shades You Might be Nervous to Try Out

There is a popular notion that lighter and more vibrant shades are the best bet for the home exteriors. Anything else will be a visual disaster and thus, has to be discarded altogether. It’s a myth, to be frank, and hence, it is high time to bust it. In reality, there are certain super dark shades that can add an hitherto-unknown finesse and class to your home exteriors – something that you may have never given a thought to.

On this page, let us discuss some such shades you may try out, when you opt for residential exterior painting in Melbourne or elsewhere, depending on your location.

Coal-Shaded Dwellings

Gone are the days, when white coloured columns and exteriors used to steal the show. Now, it’s the era of bold and beautiful and dark shades add to that boldness like nothing else. Thus, forget about the colonial past. Tell the painters in Melbourne whom you hire to opt for something darker for the exteriors of your home. And when you go for that slate coloured tinge, its moody pigment will invariably add that unique killer curb appeal to the exteriors, which will surely break the necks of your neighbours – figuratively speaking, on a lighter note – of course!!

The Bold & Black Leather Appeal

Certainly, we would not suggest your dwelling to have an exterior leather exterior. However, when you put stakes on our house painters in Melbourne and vouch for this particular theme, the exteriors truly resemble patent leather, trimmed immaculately with white, crisp trim, which highlights those quirky designs of your exteriors to perfection.

One unique feature of this home exterior colour theme is that you need to have stark contrast brick pavers and the stoop as that ultra modern contrast will make your home more visually gripping and approachable.

Navy and Copper Craftsman

This inky dark blue demeanour makes your home look to be in a perfect uniform, more so when it comes with white trims and this helps your home to look ‘tall, dark, musculine and handsome’ and surely, a pure showstopper in your neighbourhood. Tell your professional painters in Cranbourne to opt for deep blue sidings, which is decorated by gleaming copper drains along with a set of wow-worthy trim in pure or cream-white.

An Inky Black Entrance

Are you sceptical about indulging in an inky black entrance out of the thought that your home will look straight out of those Hollywood horror blockbusters? You are wrong, mate! It’s time to add something new in terms of colour. Believe us, deep and dark is really inviting! Your pitch black door will look stupendously chic, specially you have multiple symmetrically sized and shaped windows. Indeed, the charcoal black bricks add to the finesse of the texture of the façade. Just pass on this idea to the exterior house painting experts in Melbourne and see how they appreciate it!

So what makes you ponder before taking an out of the box decision this time? Tell your Melbourne painters that you are thinking something different in regards to painting the exteriors of your home.

One good thing about hiring Austar Painting & Decorating is that we are the masters of these out of the box concepts. Hence, call us and see what difference we can bring to your home’s look and feel!