How to Maintain the Newly Painted Interior & Exterior Walls of Your Office?

It’s worth overwhelming the difference a fresh coat of paint can make to any commercial space, especially when it’s a part of complete design revamp. New paint coats not only can enhance the visual aesthetics but make workplace welcoming and boost employee morale and productivity. 

While it’s great to splurge on a commercial painting job, it’s equally important to maintain it in good shape to make your hard-earned investment worthy.

Here are some expert-approved paint care and maintenance tips that can extend the longevity of your interior and exterior office paints and make your workplace look as good as new.

Why Paint Maintenance is Essential?

The most important aspect of any paint job is how you care for the coating after completion. The interior and exterior paint maintenance is utmost essential to keep your building looking new even after years and leave a positive remark on clients and stakeholders. Whereas most business owners refrain from including the repainting expenditures in their annual budget, adhering to routine paint maintenance can be a great alternative to save on annual expenses and extend the longevity of paints. 

Fool-Proof Interior & Exterior Office Paint Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

  • Professional office painters in Melbourne always recommend cleaning after every 2weeks after the final application of the top coat as it would help in removing dust, mould, grime and grease on walls and protect the lustre of paints for years.
  • Periodical cleaning of interior walls with mild soap solution can protect the smoothness of the base coat and extend the longevity of paints. You may use a sponge and mild soap mixture to scrub any stain, unsightly spots or water splashes. However, it’s important to note that hard stains that may have accumulated for years may be difficult to scrub and it would be wise to power wash using a pressure washer to prevent structural damage.
  • Schedule a routine cleaning job to maintain the lustre of paint and professional Melbourne commercial painteralways recommend to wash walls at least once in a month for maximum protection.
  • Painted areas exposed to sunlight such as windows and door frames are likely to fade over time and hence, it’s recommended to apply paint touch-ups after every 2 years to keep them looking fresh for decades.
  • Inspect the condition of walls frequently for signs of peeling, cracks or fading and prevent water seepage from occurring in future. Once you come across any telltale signs of paint damage, consult with professionals and schedule office painting service in Melbourne before the problem gets worse.
  • Exterior walls bear regular nuisance of dirt, stains, grime and natural weather elements wear away the shine, making walls look dull and shabby. Inspect the condition of exterior paints and if you come across recurring issues of peeling paint, cracks or fading, make sure you appoint Melbourne painters to fix the issue at the earliest.
  • Since exterior paints are directly exposed to sunlight, high-pressure washing may damage the paint finish and make paints look outdated at a premature stage. Hiring a renowned company offering office painting Melbourne is a wise choice to extend the longevity of paints and eliminate unwanted woes in future.

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