Wood Staining Melbourne

Wood staining and varnishing

Do you want to bring out the natural colour of the timber? Well, depending on the type of the timber, we at Austar Painting and Decorating take care of all the staining and varnishing needs to provide your decor with an unmatched finish like never before.

Be it exterior or interior wood staining; we understand different woods require different types of stains. Our wood staining experts in Melbourne work on quality staining and varnishing that provide the top grade wood finish.
The process we follow:
To bring out the natural beauty of the hardwood floor, here is a 3-step process we follow-
We clean the deck to eliminate dirt and grime. It removes the possibility of scratches while staining is on progress.
Your wooden floor is buffed using the high-speed buffing machine that brings out the radiant stain shine from your wood decks and floors.
Sealer Applying
We apply sealers according to the floor type and its condition. Sealing of hardwood floor can be done after floor buffing. We make sure your wooden floor is cleaned and dried thoroughly before sealing it.
What you can expect from us
We will be helping you to go through the options that are available for stain and polishes. With us, you can decide the colour of the stain, type of the stain, level of sheen, timeframe for the treatment and environment-friendly options for floor staining and varnishing. Our stain and varnish service covers indoor cabinetry, indoor flooring, decks and patios, indoor wood furnishing.

Trust our specialists to bring the timber back to life with a rich touch of class and splendour.
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